Friday, January 1, 2010

Evil ChiComs

Communist Chinese are at it again. This time, they've sold anti-riot vehicles to the murderous Iranian regime. Persian 2 English blog has photos and more info on this evil act.

Original pictures and details were first posted on Jaras website.

Los Angeles Times picks up this story and has more info.

More on Planet Iran website


Arash said...

One dictatorship helps another...epic fail.


Steven said...

Of course the Chinese know a thing or two about riot control. They are known for their crowd control methods.

I think it's time for the Ghandi approach: work slow downs and disrupting the economy in general.

If the numbers are for regime change then there should be a major impact to the econmic underpinnings.

Hope for a free Iran for 2010.

Rosemary said...

I read about this earlier. I think I emailed you, but I can't remember. So much news, so little exposure. I am becoming overwhelmed, and I feel terrible about it. The people over in Iran have no choice to become overwhelmed.

Happy New Year.

saggezard said...

Just a thought, if Obama takes a lesson from Jimmy Carter's presidency, and stops all ideas for contacts with the regime, the same way Carter stopped backing the Shah, then Islamic republic would fall in couple of days. What are the chances he would not double cross the Iranian people?

Winston said...

My friend Saggezard, I am not sure the United States government is dealing/trading with the Islamic regime and there are evil businesses in America that certainly do. However I doubt Obama can affect or influence those companies in any ways. But I hope he directs his intelligence agencies to urge the revolutionary guards and regular army to switch sides.

MaggotAtBroad&Wall said...

I read this as an important but distressing development. China seems to be signalling it wants to preserve the status quo, which probably means they will try to circumvent sanctions imposed by the West to put pressure on the regime.

I think what it means is that China needs access to Iran's oil to ensure it's own stability.

World peace seems to be very fragile, kind of like holding a house together with only glue and rubber bands.

Winston said...

You can't expect Communist China to act humanely. They put lead in toys and children food. The Chinese regime is a fascist, corrupt and evil entity. They, of course, want to have the status quo preserved in Iran and all other troubled spots. Also, remember they would like to keep the US busy in the middle-east.