Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Open Letter to NRO

Dear Ms. Lopez, Mr. Lowry... et al at the National Review magazine

I came across this shameful piece by your contributor M. Krikorian on NRO Corner today. [Screen shot of the post]

I'm an Iranian activist living in Canada. Moved to this country in [...] as a political activist since I couldn't operate in Iran any more and for as long as I can remember, I have read the National Review's great material online (at least since 2000-2001). I've been pro-America, Pro-Bush, Pro-US Military, anti-Islam, anti-Iran's regime, and I'd like to say your articles on Iran were illuminating and full of hope at a time when we felt the whole world had left us in the darkness of the jail also known as Iran. But tonight, I am very troubled by this shameful post, especially this statement:
    "So, terrible as it is, it's actually in our interest for the Iranian regime to hold on as long as possible, and crack down as brutally as it can, so as to radicalize (i.e., de-Islamize) as much of the population as possible."
How dare you? To hold on to power as long as possible so you get a kick out of it? It shows the ignorance and silliness of the author. It shows the level of naivete of the author and goes to show how little he might know about the Iranian society. As far as I am concerned, the religion of Islam is a dead one in Iran. Hordes of people leave Islam and turn to other sources of spirituality, ie Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and Christianity or Baha'i faiths. Is your ignorant author happy that the innocent Iranians are being murdered on a daily basis? Does he not understand that every single day this regime holds to power means a day closer to having a nuclear armed Iran on our hands?

I am totally disgusted by this piece. I've been a paid subscriber to your magazine (on and off since I am a student and live on a budget) since mid 2007. And it's also such a pain to find your magazine in Canada where most bookstores don't carry conservative publications at all. I managed to get my campus bookstore to carry your magazine, hoping that it might wake up some of the brighter idiots there. I've always promoted your magazine as the beacon of superior intellectual thinking and writing among my friends and contacts. Always quoted your stuff on my blog but never expected to read such a lame crappy post on NRO-Corner section. It's an awful thing for him to say:
    "it's actually in our [...] crack down as brutally as it can, so as to radicalize (i.e., de-Islamize) as much of the population as possible."
Maybe more people like 'Neda' should die so Mr. Krikorian can get to show us the brutality of Islam and document his hatred for that religion? Why not? It's not his brother or sister that is being beaten and run-over by police in Tehran. Is it? It's completely uncalled for. He's more than welcome to move to Iran and experience it there first hand.

I respect others' views but at this time it is absolutely unacceptable for NRO to publish comments that is definitely going to dishearten your Iranian fans across the globe. It is accurate to say that leftist publications like HuffPo or Daily Kos or Andrew Sullivan might be expected to write such ' hateful nonsense' but I'd have never thought/imagined to read this kind of BS on 'NRO' website. I am shocked, angered and troubled and I am really unable put my anger and frustration in words. I hope you understand me though.

I believe the Iranian activists who put their lives on the line on a daily basis to free Iran and secure the world deserve an apology. Thanks for your attention!

Update: I decided to go public with this after writing several emails to the editors of NR and on Never received any thing back and decided to post it here.


SFinKS said...

AMEN! That article was incogitable. It is hard to believe that a conservative blog/paper would post a writing that is on the surface, supportive of the violence and brutality of the regime, just in attempt to "show the world" the evil side of Islam.

Arash said...

What a disgraceful performance from Mark Krikorian.

Good on you for complaining Winston.


Patsplace said...

In a democracy, Winston can complain, we can read it and further to that, we can further his writings.

Thanks Winston for bringing this to our attention. I have received little information on the people of Iran, other than the polarized info. that I get to read.


Rosemary said...

OMG, how could he? I am shocked as well. I never thought I'd see the day...what the hell is going on to our world?

Winston said...

You're free to re-publish this post on your blogs or websites.

Minnie said...

Don't be discouraged Winston. I truly believe the majority of the American public are cheering for the brave Iranians and Krikorian's remark will go unnoticed.

Sohrab said...

Krikorian is a borderline racist figure from the irrational far right. And Winston, this is why I don't put too much stock in publications like NR. Commentary and Weekly Standard maybe. But NR, no.

Winston said...

I read NR solely because Mark Steyn writes in it.

Louise said...

What do you know about this Kirkorian? Who is he? What does he know about Iran? Has he any authority, by which I mean in depth knowledge?

Winston said...

I don't know much. A quick google search shows that he seems to be anti-immigration (even though he comes from an immigrant family) and he has no authority on Iranian issues. By which I mean he doesn't seem to have record of knowing what is what in that god forsaken country.

Rosemary said...

His last name sounds Armenian (which I am half), but that does not mean he has been there. The closest I got was an Armenian Church where I couldn't even breathe because of the incense! haha.

Winston said...

I doubt he is a racist. You can't just throw that word around. I think he is simply ignorant and too lazy to read anything on Iran to know better. I'm working on this and hopefully you can help me expose his ignorance for good.

Rosemary said...

Sorry about the first effort to link back to you. I don't really know how to do this. Is there a way you can delete this one? It says Rosemary's Thoughts: Spirit of Man: etc. Thanks.

Tigger said...

Haha, three decades isn't long enough, maybe just a few more years of terror and injustice and THEN there will be enough proof. What a clown. I think he's trying to pose as a Kissinger-type strategist or something, not even realizing that the only thing he has "shown" is the dubiousness of some of the Iranian people's supposed friends. Maybe you should debate this dummy directly, and not bother with his editors.