Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Profile of a thug

The recent leaked letter that profiles and explains the weird life style of the Iranian regime's leader Khamenei should make for an interesting study within the intelligence community.

Part 2 can be read here.

Part 3 is here.

Read the entire profile here. به فارسی: نسخه فارسی اسرار زندگی خامنه ای گدا

Khamenei's plane ready to take him to Russia if things go bad?


Arash said...

I wish the MKO had managed to kill that scumbag.

لعنت بر این جاکش حرامزاده

I apologise for my language, but these bastards really leave me tongue-tied...with his collection of horses and antique canes whilst four million have an opium addiction problem...


Winston said...

جاکش برای این حرومزاده کم هست. امیدوارم روزی برسه که بدست مردم تیکه پاره بشه

Sohrab said...


I agree with Winston: "Jaakesh" is too good of a description for this monster. Kir tu dahane nanash.