Thursday, February 11, 2010

22 Bahman, cont'd

Continuing my 22 Bahman - Feb 11th coverage here now:

- Just talked to a few relatives inside of Iran who said they have received warning messages on their cellphones asking them not to participate in any anti-regime protest/activity today. Internet communication is sluggish and the cell phone networks have been down for the most part. - Heavy presence of police and Basij thugs in the streets of Tehran. - Protesters awaiting Karroubi's arrival at Sadeghiye Sq. He'll march with people to the main rally point. - Large crowd of pro-democracy people moving down south from Sadeghiye Sq. towards Azadi Sq where 22 Bahman rally is held. - Reports of clashes between security forces and pro-democracy protesters in west of Tehran can now be confirmed. - My fellow blogger Azarmehr says a bus full of Basijis was set ablaze in west of Tehran this morning. More clashes are now being reported along the rally route. - Karroubi, one of the opposition leaders, has been attacked and his car damaged. He had to be rushed out of the scene. - Clashes have broken in Sadeghiye, Arya Shahr, Hafte Tir and other major intersections of the city. Thousands of anti-regime protesters present and chanting anti-regime slogans. Apparently, tear gas has extensively been used against protesters in west of Tehran. - Unconfirmed report of one fatality among pro-democracy protesters due to direct gun fire.

- Regime's TV channels showing previous year images. Protesters have smashed loud-speakers that were installed by the regime to suppress dissidents' chants.

Updated at 3:30 am ET: Former president Khatami's brother and Khomeini's grand daughter have been detained by security forces. (They were later released and warned not to join back the protests)

- More protests are planned for this afternoon and this evening in Tehran and other major cities.

- Regime's forces have been using paintball guns to mark protesters so they can be detained later. Other reports indicate direct gun fire at people in Arya-shahr neighborhood.

Update at 4:15 am ET: first video of the day. People chanting: Referendum, Referendum, This is the demand of the people.

Updated at 5 am ET: Reports and rumors about death of several protesters flying around the web. And I'm hearing that large crowds of people are marching towards Evin prison.

- Video showing people chant 'Death to Russia' in today's protests.

Updated at 6 am ET: Los Angeles Times covers the protests. And here is an update from MSNBC.

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