Wednesday, February 10, 2010

22 Bahman

Feb 11th - 22 Bahman (based on Persian calendar) - is upon us and it is the make or break day for the whole country. I'll keep blogging here as events progress through out the day. In the meantime you can contribute to my coffee fund so that I can stay awake drinking coffee and blogging all that I can. Thank you! Iran will be free soon...

Radio Free Europe expects protests in Iran today.


Updated: I'll try to get in touch with my friends in Tehran and other parts of the country. As soon as I hear things, you'll be the first to read it here. The protests are at least 3-4 hours away (It's 11pm ET here now which means it's 7:30am over there). Given the difficulties with Iran's internet and cellphones, initial reports won't be in by at least one or two hours after the rallies have begun. Please check back for more details.

Updated at 1:20am ET:
Reports indicate that anti-regime demonstrators have gathered in Sadeghiye Sq and have started chanting against the government.

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