Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stall Tactics

The rapist-murderous Iranian regime is at it again resorting to its old stall tactics. Any time they feel the squeeze, the negotiation table is their only way out - at least for a while. The mullahs and their IRGC masters have been under intense global pressure since the nuclear negotiation deadline passed on Jan 1st 2010. Foreign businesses are escaping Iran one by one and the internal opposition is growing stronger day by day. As the international pressure builds up and the rapist Iranian regime sees no way out, they announced that the nuclear deal is on and are willing to get back to the useless negotiation table, hoping to decrease the external pressure and deflect from the upcoming Feb 11th anti-regime protests. The recent round of executions will not stop their demise.

All the while, it is believed now that the regime may possess nuclear warheads which is consistent with what we already know about the status of Iran's nuclear program and its recent missile tests.


saggezard said...

On Thursday 22nd of Bahman the best thing that can happen, at any cost is for prisons to be captured and all political prisoners freed.

Arash said...

Here's hoping for regime change.