Monday, March 15, 2010

Fatwa That!

Iran's supreme dictator Khamenei is neither a Marja nor a grand ayatollah. And not being either of those simply disqualifies him to issue any sort of religious directive or Fatwa. That being said, he has issued a Fatwa against the Iranian 'festival of fire' that will take place this coming Tuesday night. Of course, the religious decrees issued by the religious authorities have lost their influence and prestige among the people and no sane individual in Iran takes them seriously any more. However, this Fatwa is significant only because Khamenei knows his whole system will be on fire, at least for a night, this coming Tuesday and he will do anything to prevent that. Issuing such a Fatwa will only energize his fanatic fans to go out and confront the people in the streets.

Charshanbe Suri has always been a source of trouble for the regime and its security establishment. It's going to be across the country. Every Iranian will participate in this ancient ceremony. Huge fires will be set up and hundreds of thousands will come together to celebrate a pre-Islamic era festival. The 'Green Movement' will have ample opportunities to exploit on that day.

It will be day to behold. Stay tuned for more updates.


Arash said...

لعنت بر هرچی آخوند عربزاده


Opus #6 said...

Pre-Islamic Era festival? That does not sound like music to the Islamists' ears.