Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Primary Threat

Gen. Petraeus has written a testimony to the US Senate on Iran and it is a very illuminating one:
    "The Iranian regime is the primary state-level threat to stability in the region. Throughout much of the region, the regime pursues a dual-track foreign policy. Overtly, the Iranian government cooperates with regional states through bilateral arrangements to promote Iran as an economic, political, and military power. In parallel, the regime entrusts the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)-Qods Force to execute covert aspects of its foreign policy using political influence, covert businesses, lethal and non-lethal aid, and training to militants supportive of the regime’s agenda."
This report raises so many questions on so many levels. What has the US government done to curb the toxic intentions of the current Iranian regime? Do they seriously think toothless UN sanctions will stop this lethal threat from acquiring nuclear weapons? When will they realize that their policies vis a vis Iran have been wrong? Time is running out....

Read the letter here (pdf)

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