Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lacking the will

America's Secretary of Defense Gates says the US gov't lacks a plan/strategy to deal with the Iranian regime's nuclear drive.

I'd say it is not the plan that is missing. It is the American resolve that has been non-existent when it comes to the Iranian regime's evil intentions. They lack the will and resolve to see this through. And I'd advise Secretary Gates just to phone some Iran experts in different Washington D.C based think tanks or simply google for various plans that might be out there. Coming up with a plan is easy. What's missing though is that the United States of America has no INTENTION of getting rid of this evil regime so they haven't planned for anything. That's what bothers us in the pro-democracy movement. The past few months could have been used to rid the world of this nasty regime.

Personally, I doubt Obama even cares about this issue. And his love letters to the criminal mullahs are a good proof that he does not care nor does he understand the problem. Right now, he's busy destroying the United States through his socialist agenda and imposing his tyrannical will on the American people.

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programmer craig said...

...or simply google for various plans that might be out there.

I doubt he even knows how to use a computer! That's what aides are for, right? :)

Winston, I'm certain the US military has half a dozen contingency plans for various scenarios re: Iran.

I think he's pushing Obama to start actually getting some work done on the political front, which is outside of the Secretary of Defense's domain. He can't be happy about Obama just pretending that there's no problem. The likely result of that is that someday when it becomes OMG THERE'S A PROBLEM it's going to be dumped into Gates' lap as a crisis.