Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Word For Word

Michael Rubin has another excellent piece on the need for 'regime change' in Iran published on Commentary magazine:
    "Regime change is the only strategy, short of military strikes, that will deny Iran a nuclear bomb, and it is the only strategy that can end altogether the threat of a nuclear program under the control of radicals in the employ of the Islamic Republic."
Me thinks that Obama MUST write this article word for word (not just read it) ten or twenty times. That's how we were schooled in Iran in the the darn 1980s. To learn or memorize better, we wrote things word for word off the materials that were in our textbooks.

Why the so-called experts don't realize the gravity of this risk posed by the Iranian regime, is really beyond me. There must be some very mentally challenged people working in the State Dept or the White House. That's the only plausible excuse. No?
    "The White House no longer has any rational excuse for its failure to perceive the truth about the perspective of an Iranian leadership that sees diplomacy as an asymmetric warfare strategy employed to lull adversaries into complacency."
No more diplomacy, please. Help us crush this evil regime....

Update: The conservative paper Washington Times has a great editorial on the benefits of taking down the Iranian regime.

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