Saturday, June 12, 2010

One Year Ago

Watch part two of the video here.

Originally via the Guardian newspaper


saggezard said...

These former revolutionary guards make me sick to the stomach, look at the guy and his belly, do you think he has an ounce of integrity in him? If he had any conscience he would not join the monstrous apparatus in the first place, and is he had any illusions of consistence he would blow himself up along with as many regime officials as possible. These new former IRGC are as sick as Akbar gangi, Mohsen Sazegara. do not believe a word they say.

Winston said...

sag, I agree with you on that. But for the regime to fall, these scumbags have to defect and separate themselves from the monster that is the regime. It is an ugly thing, I know and I want the entire IRGC chiefs dead too. However, it is important to realize that revolutions or government changes happen when armed forces loyal to those regimes start breaking apart. This has to happen in Iran and let's hope these scumbags encourage their comrades to defect.

saggezard said...

Of course it would be good if IRGC disintegrated this way, but these guys cannot be trusted. In the first place the reason they joined Sepah and Basij was self interest at any cost to people of Iran. Can they be trusted again? Before they can be trusted they must answer to justice and pay for their crimes. Do we need justice anymore in our society? In the meantime the only beneficial thing a former Basijis or Sepahis can do is to blow themselves up hugging an Ayatollah or regime official.