Thursday, June 10, 2010

President McCain

Senator McCain calls for regime change in Iran in his recent address to the National Endowment for Democracy:
    "I believe that when we consider the many threats and crimes of Iran’s government, we are led to one inescapable conclusion: It is the character of this Iranian regime – not just its behavior – that is the deeper threat to peace and freedom in our world, and in Iran. Furthermore, I believe that it will only be a change in the Iranian regime itself – a peaceful change, chosen by and led by the people of Iran – that could finally produce the changes we seek in Iran’s policies."
John McCain would have been a better president than this empty suit we've got in the White House.

Read the entire speech here.

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Maggie said...


I agree with you. McCain would have been a much better President. He would know how to respond to the various crises that have occurred, including the oil rig explosion and the consequent oil spill. In fact if McCain was the President there would not be a crisis in the Gulf right now. Rather McCain would not have relied upon BP to contain the spill, and McCain would have waived the Jones Act and he would accept all offers for help.

I hear many complaints that McCain would allow the open borders because of his support for amnesty for the illegal aliens. I do suspect that the people who say this have not understood his positions. Australia also has a problem will illegal immigrants - one that has got worse under the present govt because of their softening on the issue, so I do understand the complaints. The original McCain bill on the issue would have been far better than what is now being proposed. In short what I believe should happen is that if there is a need for extra itinerant workers then they should have access to get temporary work permits, but as soon as the work is finished they must leave the country.

I do think that Arizona is correct in what they did in order to reinforce the current immigration law... we all have to produce ID at various times. When I was last in the USA we had to produce our passports and Canada was a lot tougher than USA when it came to border police!!