Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Killing Spree

The Iranian regime has gone on a killing spree getting rid of dissidents and unwanted elements in the opposition camp. Due to the ongoing crisis in Egypt, no one is paying much attention to this issue in Iran, unfortunately. It must be our task, as bloggers and free individuals, to bring awareness to the plight of the dissidents who are on death row in Iran.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the green movement leaders have condemned the ongoing slaughter of prisoners and dissidents. But would that be enough to catch the attention of the world? I doubt that. More needs to be done to stop the regime from executing innocent people whose crimes are speaking up against the Islamic regime of Iran. According to the UN's report the regime has executed about 66 individuals since the beginning of 2011. Most have been charged with phony crimes and later executed by hanging in prisons. The ongoing conflict in Egypt should not divert our attention from Iran. The Iranian regime is the head of the snake that must be crushed, and the pressure must remain on them.


Anonymous said...

Stumbled onto your blog looking for persian food stores! How random, anyways looks like their are some really interesting reads on here! This one at least is something I think its a really valid point. It sometimes seems like the world is a giant high school with a different popular individual (read: human rights issue) every week. That was in fact a terrible metaphor. Anyways, I'll def check out more content later!

Winston said...

Interesting. What were you looking for in an Iranian store?

Maggie said...

Winston the poster is a spammer. I have seen similar comments on my own blogs.