Thursday, February 17, 2011


The Iranian regime is the master of the "art of distraction" during the times of internal crisis. Now as the Iranian people have found new courage and strength to take out to the streets, the Iranian regime is doing what it does best: "Distracting the world by creating phony crises."

What is this phony distraction? It is said that Iran's navy warships intend to pass through the Suez Canal. And all of a sudden the world's attention taken away from the brave protesters and is now focused on this fake crisis. Why not? The oil prices jumped which means the Iranian regime hit two birds with one stone.

Updated on Feb 20th: Iranian navy ships will pass through the Suez on Monday.

حکومت جنایتکار ایران استاد هنر منحرف کردن اذهان دنیا در زمان بحرانهای داخلیست. هر زمان که مردم ایران به خیابانها میریزند، این حکومت فاسد و دزد چندین بحران خارجی رو ایجاد میکنه تا اذهان عمومی دنیا از انچه در داخل ایران میگذرد منحرف شود


christian soldier said...

great take on the 'warship' ruse- thank you...

jimmytheleg said...

Thanks for this post, Winston. If you don't mond I'm going to link to this on my blog