Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Plight

I spoke with a close friend of mine in Tehran today. She told me that these scattered protests won't free them. She complained about lack of leadership and lack of foreign support. I was told how the society has transformed into a scary 'police state' where any anti-regime activity can be extremely risky. My friend was worried that these leader-less protests are not effective enough to bring about change. She wanted me to write here that the people of Iran demand robust backing from the free world.

Today the German foreign minister met with the regime's leadership to bow to them, to thank them for releasing the German citizens held in Iran. And the meeting took place exactly during the anti-regime protests across the country. These backroom dealings, stabbing the Iranian people and bowing to their oppressors has one and only one affect on the psyche of the Iranian people: "The western governments, especially Europeans, do not care about your plight."

That the Europeans don't give a damn to oppressed people of the world is nothing new. They're bunch of selfish old colonialist socialist morons. Though I want them to stop pretending to care.

CNN has more on the ongoing protests in Iran.

Videos of the protests.

وقتی وزیر خارجه المان به دیدار احمقی نژاد میره تنها یک معنی میتونه داشته باشه: دولتهای اروپایی برای مردم بدبخت ایران اندازه پشگل گاوهای سوییسی و المانی ارزش قائل نیستند

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Kafir said...

Inshallah the US will begin to care again around January 20, 2013. Until then, you guys are on your own I'm sorry to say.