Wednesday, March 16, 2011

12th Imam cometh

Photo showing a pen distributed among the Iranian regime supporters in Tehran that has this printed: "Do you know that the 12th Imam won't come back unless Israel is destroyed?"


saggezard said...

Islam is often misinterpreted as a derivative of the word for peace, when its real translation is to surrender. Certain death is the only alternative to true, original and real Islam envisaged by and for the desert roaming people of Arabian peninsula. Now it has to be considered that the 12th Imam fable is a perversion of Islam cooked up by Shiite clergy, resulting in a mess of a theology.

Maya M said...

I admit this whole business makes my head whorl. Because I know nothing of Shi'a Islam, I made a quick search. If I have grasped things right, the 12th Imam is presumed to come shortly before the end of the world. Then, if Shiites believe he will not come before Israel is destroyed, shouldn't they cherish and protect Israel in order to prolong the existence of this beautiful world?
I mean, we all want to go to Heaven - but, if possible, not tonight, don't we :-) ?

Winston said...

I guess they can't wait for their 72 virgins. LOL!