Friday, March 18, 2011

My letter to Harper

A letter I handed to the Canadian prime minister Harper during a political event last week:
Dear Prime Minister Harper

Sir, I decided to write this short note of appreciation and admiration a few hours after I learned of your presence in [...] tonight in [...].

I am an Iranian who came to this great country seeking safety and peace from the harassment I had endured in Iran for my pro-democracy views and activities.

I’d like to express my deep admiration for you, your policies and your leadership through these few sentences. I am really honored to have witnessed your role as the Prime Minister of Canada and am very grateful for the tough stance you have taken with respect to Iran. As a pro-Israeli, pro-western Iranian-Canadian, I would like you to know that so many of us appreciate what you have done and what you are doing with respect to this matter. Your leadership has been inspiring and encouraging.

The ongoing human rights crisis in Iran deserves more attention and work. I would like to plead with you to continue pressing the Iranian regime on freeing the political prisoners. Please use all available resources at your disposal to help free these innocent political prisoners that are being held illegally in the Iranian jails merely for expressing their views. Keep the fight of the Iranians seeking freedom from the regime in the forefront and ask allies to cooperate in aiding them in order to help bring about the end of this regime.

Thank you Mr. Prime Minister for all you have done.

With great admiration;


Anonymous said...

Is opposition to the IRI common within Iranian Expat communities in the West?

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Great letter.