Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fake Leftist Blogger

So it turns out that a 40 yr old "college kid" based in the US has been posting as a lesbian blogger from Syria. I am not going to say much about this idiot. However, let me tell you why I am concerned. First, I write under a pen name, albeit from the safety of a free country as well. Acts like this put question marks on legitimate blogs like mine and those blogs whose writers put their lives on the line in Iran, Syria... etc to bring to our attention the horrors of tyranny and oppression. Second of all, this does not advance the cause of freedom and democracy in Syria or else where. It sets it back merely because it is a hoax and people do not like being lied to.

Aside from the fact that the blogger in question was an Anti-American liar, this does not bode well for legitimate bloggers in real danger zones.

Mark Steyn has two excellent takes on this idiot: Here and here.


Maria said...

Waffenbesitzer wehren sich gegen sozialistische Waffenverbotsforderungen auf

Winston said...

I do not speak/understand German. ;-)

Maria said...

You left a comment in my blog in German. I do not speak/understand German. Were you spamming or what?

Nein, das ist ein Linktipp.
Im ├╝brigen kann ich auch kein Englisch. Oder willst Du meinen Blog zu spammen?

Winston said...

okay... whatever... seems your IQ has gone down too.

Armin Kardashian said...

We might think, in case of 1 to a billion, you may be or could be a fake, Jerk Winston, sitting somewhere in paradise country Canada. Is the statistic correct? Irrational conventional wisdom. We call it in German "Schadenfreude".

Winston said...

Thanks Armin. So this was a spam. :-)

Maria said...

O.K. I can a micro, little bit Englisch. I`m sorry. "Schadenfreude":
see it on Clip-Fish: it`s verry funny to crye.