Monday, June 20, 2011


The outgoing US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates says the Iranian regime has been behind the mayhem in Iraq for years. Okay! We knew about this, and I hope the US government didn't just come to realize this horrible fact. But the question, for which I have never been able to find an answer, is why the US government have not done anything to stop this.

Frankly, this is outrageous. I am not a military service member and yet I am angry. I really would like to know what those wounded troops feel about this. Why did their government not stop the flow of weapons and terrorists from Syria and Iran to Iraq? Why are they still turning a blind eye on the flow of weapons to Afghanistan from Iran? I am sure SecDef Gates will be writing another memoir blaming someone else for this right after he is retired next week.


unikorna said...

Breathtaking postings.

Winston said...

ya think?

love 2 type said...

there's a movie that america is the lord of war or something like that. i'm not sure if there's any truth to it though..