Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How bad should it get?

On Twitter I challenged the US State Dept's USAdarFarsi to help us, Iranian people, change the regime instead of issuing useless, irrelevant statements and tweets. I wrote: "Regime change is the only solution for the Iranian troubles. Instead of issuing statements, assist us in changing the regime." As if the regime will behave better if they issue forceful statements. I have said before that they are a waste of time and money in these bad economic times. Any how, here is what they wrote back:
It reads: "It is up to the Iranian people alone to decide about the future of their country."

Well, tell that to the Germans, Japanese, Poles, Iraqis, Afghans and now the people of Libya.

Who knows how bad regime has to be before something is done to prevent further disaster. Should it be like Syria and Libya before anything is done? Apparently that, on top of killing allied troops, aiding Syrian regime to kill its people, aiding Hezbollah and Hamas to kill Israelis, murdering its own opponents, building WMDs, aiding al-Qaeda to kill innocent people on 9/11 may not be enough. And now the regime might be only couple of months away from a working nuclear bomb while it refuses to negotiate over its nuclear program.

How bad should the Iranian regime be to warrant a crushing response from the US? Well, my hunch is that Obama and his inexperienced, confused and naive team of experts don't get it and don't care. It's a disgraceful behavior for a country that "used to" stand up for liberty and dignity of human beings around the world until this buffoon came to office in 2009. Shameful!


Kristen McFarland said...

Dear Winston:
The question remains and is by no means certain, that Obama and his administration is nothing more than a Carter administration on steroids in this place & time...a thousand times worse than Carter in point of fact...Obama has done everything to ingratiate himself to every dictatorial, tyrannical regime out there, from the new Russian dictatorship sponsored by Putin, the PRC, North Korea to all the budding Islamic theocracies out there...don't doubt all this does is feed them and make them grow...into something much worse...we can certainly hope that he doesn't another automatic four years...the guy is a failure from word one and his chances diminish by the day....

Winston said...

Agreed. And this is why 2012 election is so crucial for the oppressed people of the world. We need a strong and energized America.