Thursday, July 7, 2011

Iraq's mass grave

Just so you don't forget what happened in Iraq before the 2003 liberation: A new mass grave was discovered in Iraq containing more than 900 bodies. I don't think this would get any attention in the mainstream media these days but it should.


ATKI said...


Ron said...

Let's see. Pre-1953 Iranians were angered by a Britain that basically stole the oil.
1951 or so a democratically elected government of Iran moved to nationalize the oil.
1953 - CIA created a coup, brought back an exiled Shah.
1957 - the CIA created SAVAK and continued to run SAVAK until the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Thousands of Iranians were disappeared and killed.
1980 - R Reagan (USA) invaded Iran using Iraq as a proxy. Allowed Iraq to get poison gas which at one shot killed 3,000 Iranian soldiers defending upon Iranian soil. USA armed Iraq and gave Iraq USA spy satellite information etc. War lasted 8 years.
Now the USA is still hateful of Iran. Democracy didn`t please them and nor do the Ayatollahs.

Do not trust the USA. Just look around at the messes they create.

Also, Saddam Hussein was a CIA asset since 1958. He was helped into power by the USA as were many other horrid dictators.

Winston said...

Ron, I see you support Al-Qaida terrorists on your blog. That's enough for me to know you are an idiot.