Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Regime Change Syria

One wonders why policy makers in the White House did not just allow the US military to roll over the Iraq-Syria border in 2003-2004 to topple this madman in Damascus. That was when Syria was fully supporting mass murder of Iraqi civilians and American troops in Iraq by sending foreign jihadists into Iraq. At least, the overthrow of Assad in 2004 would have been a shot across the Iranian regime's bow. A warning shot that might have saved thousands of American and Iraqi lives.

Now after months of mass murder, the inept Obama admin. has decided to back 'regime change' in Syria. This WSJ article doesn't assure me of firm plans for a change of regime in Syria. It is not convincing, but what the heck! Any plan to get rid of Assad and his murderous thugs is better than no plan. Talk is cheap! DO SOMETHING...

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