Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Iranian Terror in USA

Currently I am traveling in the US and thus don't have much to blog. Though I heard about the Iranian regime's plot to kill the Israeli and Saudi ambassadors to the United States.

No one should be shocked or surprised that the Iranian regime has plotted to cause mayhem and death in the heart of United States. Those who say this is brazen should look no further than the Iranian regime's attack on the US Marines barracks in Lebanon, their bombing of Argentinian Jewish Center in 1990s or their bombing of Khobar towers in Saudi Arabia. This is the Iranian government at its normal state. Islamic Republic is not a regular nation-state with genuine geopolitical ambitions or interests. It is driven by a mad ideology and was built on the hatred of Israel and America. So for pundits to claim this is brazen is ridiculous and stupid. Certainly they and the US government are ignorant when it comes to how the Iranian regime functions or thinks.

Hopefully this will be a wake up call to the policy makers in the western world. We're dealing with a suicidal regime that will stop at nothing short of destruction of the United States and Israel. A democratic regime change in Iran will put an end to this.

Update: Michael Rubin provides an in-depth analysis of this plot.


Hidden Author said...

I know you have the benefit of experience so I will NOT glorify the IRI as heroes for opposing America and Israel or paint the IRI as innocent lambs. But...

Have you considered the costs that insurgents have imposed on America? All America's allies even Britain are abandoning her to fight alone. Each nation America has troops in--Iraq and Afghanistan--costs hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars so if the same approach was applied to every Muslim nation America would soon be bankrupt! And while it is true that America's casualties are small by historical standards, the sedition of the Left makes a mountain out of any molehill concerning the troubles America faces.

The problem is that America in order to win will have to renounce its post-Vietnam mentality in order to beat insurgencies. America faced little or no insurgency in Germany and Japan and would have crushed the South Vietnamese insurgency had it not gained reinforcements from the North. But America ruthlessly bombed whole cities in Germany and Japan and in South Vietnam, it had no hesitation to clear localities of peasants and to declare cleared localities "free-fire zones."

By applying terror against terror, America was able to inspire fear as if it was God and so it was able to convince people that its way of thought was as if it were the thought of God. But if America did that to Iran in the name of establishing a liberal democracy against possible insurgency by the Left as well as by the Islamic fundamentalists, then all the Iranian dissidents and all the idolaters around the altar of democratic salvation who demand war would object to this, the golden bullet to crush insurgency.

What I'm saying is: the issue is not whether the IRI should go but rather at what cost should the IRI go?

Winston said...

Live free or die, I guess. IRI has got to go at all cost. It is an existential threat to the very freedoms you and I care about. It has to go and it has to go now. It is a mortal threat. You could have asked the same question about any other threat the US faced at any other era. Freedom is not free...

Hidden Author said...

"Live free or die, I guess."

But if America employed the techniques that I described, there would be doubt that it made people free. Will a peasant feel free if chased off his land? What about a townsman whose town has been flattened for being a nest of insurgency?

Maybe you are willing to risk all these dangers because as an Iranian, you have personal interests concerning Iran. But for Americans who are tired of ingratitude up to and including insurgency from liberated nations, the questions of whether these nations are truly liberated and if so, was the cost worth it--such questions arise naturally from the lack of appreciated by the locals of nations said to be liberated by American arms.

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