Thursday, February 23, 2006

What is next?

All right, first they (Radical Islamists and their masters in Damascus and Tehran) over reacted a little bit late to the bunch of cartoons published in the European papers and then a very old footage of the British soldiers beating the Iraqi rioters appeared and now a big explosion in Iraq damaged a so-called holy shrine in Samara.

I have no doubt that the Iranian regime and Syrian baathists are involved in the above incidents to distract the world from what they persue, i.e Nuclear weapons, global terrorism and oppression of their own people...etc

But what is next? How many more should die in the hands of these evil regimes until the free world wakes up to the reality and decide to deal with the evil of our age?


سینا مالکی said...

Thanks for the thoughtful explanation you made for these explosions

Anonymous said...

The U.S. and its allies have to resign themselves to the fact that there will never be peace in Iraq or the middle east, as long as the current Iranian regime exists.


**President Bush : Get rid of the head of the dragon and we can deal with the tail afterward.

Anonymous said...

The recent events in Iraq do not bode well for the Republican and curious George. The GOP stands to lose both the House and the Senate come Novermber 2006. If and when that happens and the democrats running the show, the withdrawal of the troops from Iraq would surely ensue.