Friday, March 10, 2006

Video of Beating Iranian Women

I just found this courageous Iranian blogger who has filmed parts of the International Women's Day demonstration in Tehran on March 8th, 06

You can see the videos of the incident here, here, there and there

You can clearly see the security forces attacking the crowd and you can also hear the women singing in defiance (women singing is banned in Islam).

Then women start calling them Savage, Savage, Savage! and Police charge at the crowd and beat them up more!

It is said that many were arrested and dozens were also injured.

Update 1: Rooz Online reports: Iranian Police Violent Crackdown on International Women Day


Anonymous said...

The regime tries to portray that there is freedom of speech in Iran.
They think the world is full of morons who are also blind.

Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

به این پست در بلاگ نیوز لینک داده شـد

Anonymous said...

خواهش می کنم.. دوست من

Anonymous said...

i cant open them sorry

Anonymous said...

Actually you are much funnier here than your funny comments in other blogs. Especially your discription about Islam and Iran is really funny.

Try to have a trip to Iran to see the difference between what is in your mind and what is in real world. However we may miss your "Funny Jokes about Iran" after that.