Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Anti-regime protests on the rise in Iran

I am reading different reports (also here) of unrest through out Iran, mainly in cities of Tabriz and Tehran these days.
    "An Iranian blogger says: So far I have not heard of any casualties, only that Revolutionary Guards of the Islamic Republic opened fire on the demonstrations..."
Iran va Jahan reports, via NYTimes, the massive protests by the Azeri Iranians, in north west of the country, against the regime.

Reuters picks up the story / Link to original NYTimes article / Persian language Gooya.com also reports via Iran labor news agency that thousands are protesting against the Islamic regime in city of Tabriz, and many were shot at and there are unconfirmed numbers of dead & wounded.

I have also been viewing images of student protests in Tehran: Tehran University of Amir Kabir (formerly known as Poly-Technic Uni) & University of Tehran 1 & University of Tehran2

Students are demonstrating, mainly, against the militarization of their schools and the anti-democratic path that regime is taking. I understand that there were similar protests around the country and many more students have joined the rallies to voice their anger through their demonstrations.

Their main slogans were: Down with Tyranny, Down with Dictator

One of the banners reads: Leave the nukes, Take care of us!

These two banner read: This is University, not a religious madrassa and the other one reads: University is not a military garrison

Also, Jane's Defense tells us that there is some sort of insurgency going on in south eastern parts of Iran

I guess this is the beginning of an end! We'll see...
Update 1: More Pictures of unrest in Tabriz via Iran's students news agency - More Images
Update 2: More pictures of students gathering in Tehran's Amir Kabir Univerity - More pics
Update 3: Images of Law students protesting the forceful retirements of their secular professors


kupablo said...

another cartoon ?

oh no... not again...

btw - the newspaper has shut down by the goverment today.

Chester said...

Summer is coming.
So are the protests.

Anonymous said...

Dear Winston: Wow, you have outdone yourself this time.LOL

Great reporting. Thanks.

Aryamehr said...

It seems that Rezaiyeh has risen up as well:


Winston said...

Dude, this is not Rosemary's weblog!

You are posting in the wrong place, dork.

leap_frog said...

LOL Winston, I refer to these types as blog whores.
Innocent mistake my foot ...

Very interesting development in Iran.
I do hope it happens -the regime toppling and would be excellent if it went as peaceful as it did for Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see North American peace activists and 'human shields' are organizing themselves to fly to Iran to support and protect the protesters!....

oh, wait a minute, no they're not...