Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Iran's dress code - UPDATED

Amir Taheri has an explanation on his story which appeared in Canada's National Post newspaper on Friday, 19th of May :
    As far as my article is concerned I stand by it.[...] Many ideas are being discussed with regard to implementation,including special markers, known as zonnars, for followers of Judaism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism, the only faiths other than Islam that are recognized as such. The zonnar was in use throughout the Muslim world until the early 20th century and marked out the dhimmis, or protected religious minorities. (In Iran it was formally abolished in 1908).
    Interestingly, the Islamic Republic authorities refuse to issue an official statement categorically rejecting the concept of dhimmitude and the need for marking out religious minorities. I raised the issue not as a news story, because news of the new law was already several days old, but as an opinion column to alert the outside world to this most disturbing development.
This is quite interesting and in fact I agree with Amir Taheri as well. Indeed, if you go to places where Armenians (Christians) live, in Tehran, you can see that there are banners on their stores alarming the shoppers about their religion. The discrimination against religious minorities has been increased since the 1979 islamic revolution and what Amir Taheri said in his National Post article is nothing new.

I have no doubt that the Iranian government is going to toughen the Islamic laws against almost every Iranians from different backgrounds, religious minorities included.


Anonymous said...

not related to your post, but I wanted to let you know about Ganji's latest letter has been translated in English here:


read the whole thing IT IS POWERFUL

Winston said...

I just read that on roozonline.com

Anonymous said...

Dumb liberals think the mullahs are liberals in wolves clothing - they will be surprised when they find out the mullahs really are wolves in wolves clothing.

Anonymous said...

نوام چامسكي

Now this is funny!

"در حال حاضر در ايران جنبشي دموكراتيك بر سر كار است (!) و مردم اين كشور از سردمداران آن مي خواهند كه در برابر قدرت‌طلبان كوتاه نيايند."


Winston said...

peace, why don't you run your own weblog?

Goethechosemercy said...

The more public religion is, the more dangerous it is. The Middle East never experienced the Wars of Religion.

Zorpheous said...

Too bad the guy is still full of crap.

From AP

"On Friday, a Canadian newspaper, The National Post, quoting Iranian exiles, said the law would force Jews, Christians and other religious minorities to wear special patches of colored cloth to distinguish them from Muslims. The report drew a condemnation from the United States, which said such a law would carry "clear echoes of Germany under Hitler."

A copy of the draft law obtained by The Associated Press made no mention of religious minorities or any requirement of special attire for them, and the Post later posted an article on its Web site backing off the report."

Anonymous said...

As an Armenian Iranian, I must inform you that the "dress code" news is not that far from the truth. My father in Iran is forced to put a huge sign in his shop to show that he is Christian! Do you know that every Private Armenian school can not have an Armenian principal? We can not teach our kids Armenian during school hours? Do you know that if Muslim kills a Muslim accidentaly, they can pay the price with sums of money and set free but God forbid if an Armenian do the same thing, it is jail time and even death? do you know that Armenian counts as a half witness at the courts? I am pretty sure you know that Armenians, regadless of our 400 years history, are considered "najes"(dirty) by many fantic Muslims?

Did any Iranian or American or Canadian stood up and protested when these laws were being passed against Armenians or any other Minority group? Was anybody concerned?

Goethechosemercy said...

[quote]The report drew a condemnation from the United States, which said such a law would carry "clear echoes of Germany under Hitler."[/quote]

No echoes of Hitler's Germany.
I just don't think Iran is experiencing the same kind of fascism that infected 1920-45 Europe.
Compulsory or public expressions of religion bring back the divided Europe of the Reformation, and further back, the virulently anti-Semitic Europe of the Medieval Era.
I just can't think of the Middle East as modern or cosmopolitan in perspective, culture and values. Their glory days were over when the Abbassids were made virtual prisoners in their palace, and their life-affirming culture was destroyed in the 14th century Mongol invasions.

Anonymous said...

Zorph, you need to go back and read Taheri's original article instead of making a fool of yourself by insulting a man who passed you in the brains department decades ago.
Taheri never said that the Majlis passed a law on the religious badges. He said they passed a law on the dress code and then in the next paragraph, said they "envisage" some sort of designation of some kind for non-muslims.
Please look up the definition of "envisage" and then notice how he separated the two paragraphs.

Then take a hike.

Anonymous said...

Dear Winston,
should I take it as a compliment? :-) to be a great a blogger (like you) requires great dedication. I don't have that much, I consider myslef a "bloggers' assistant" !!!