Wednesday, May 3, 2006

High Oil Prices & Tyranny

Today's high oil prices have direct impact on how oil rich tyrannies like the Iranian regime is acting.

7 years ago, when the oil prices were about US $ 20 per barrel, the regime was talking about friendship and dialogue with the rest of the world and now that the oil is pushing $72/barrel the very same regime is speaking about wiping off another country and creating tension all over the place.

The First Law of Petropolitics
    " Iran’s president denies the Holocaust, Hugo Chávez tells Western leaders to go to hell, and Vladimir Putin is cracking the whip. Why? They know that the price of oil and the pace of freedom always move in opposite directions. It’s the First Law of Petropolitics, and it may be the axiom to explain our age. "
    By Thomas L. Friedman
The higher the oil prices go, the wilder "the oil-rich despotic countries" get!

That is a fact, don't argue with me ;-)

Shut off their ability to export oil and they are gone in days!

Simple, huh? Not!

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Anonymous said...

"The higher the oil prices go, the wilder "the oil-rich despotic countries" get!"

Hmmm, I'd say the more boisterous and antagonistic a dictator in an oil country gets, the higher the price of oil.
Now, maybe as a result of the price going up, they continue to get wilder.

Anyway, Khamenei et al, know exactly what they're doing, and their rhetoric is a way for them to make more $$$ and punish the Great Satan and her friends too. Plus the high gas prices make Pres. Bush and the republicans more unpopular. So not only are they manipulating economics, they are manipulating our politics. (hoping for a democratic gov't)
And enjoying every minute of it.

(if every American understood that, would they continue to allow themselves to be pawns for those maniacs by voting democratic?)

Anonymous said...

whata coincidence!today I was reading this article in Foreign Policy journal
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Anonymous said...

No, what worries me more about Ahmadinejad is his devout belief in the return of the "occulted" or 12th imam and his related belief that, when he himself spoke recently at the United Nations, the whole scene was suffused with a sublime green light that held all his audience in a state of suspended animation. This uncultured jerk is, of course, only a puppet figure with no real power, but this choice of puppet by the theocracy is unsettling in itself. So is Iran's complete lack of embarrassment at being caught, time and again, with nuclear enrichment facilities that have never been declared to the inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency.


also dont forget the read Max Boot's article,1,1222567.column?coll=la-util-op-ed&ctrack=1&cset=true

reagarding Oil countries and dictators ship..MUST READ

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bucket said...

Why? Is it rooted in the social theory of constant class conflict between labor and capital?

I am sure tho no one who supports this theory as a struggle worth fighting for would desire to see the people of America as the laborers.

Anonymous said...

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در ضمن آن مطلب که واسه سايت گويا آماده کرده بودی واقعآ عالی بود ، حرف نداشت

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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