Monday, July 31, 2006

IRGC: Prepare to fight Israel, US

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards commander says Iran should 'prepare' to fight Israel, US
    "Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guards and Basij should prepare themselves to get even with 'Zionist' s and Americans," General Yahya Rahim Safavi was quoted as saying.
However, the reporting news agency retracted these comments.

One thing is for sure and that's the amount of provocation these comments make in the western world. Many leftists claim US is looking for an excuse to invade Iran but, really US doesn't need much excuses when there are idiots like this one in Iran inviting the western world to attack Iran.

Within the next few months, the only viable option to deal with Iran will be a foreign intervention and that's unfortunate when there are people inside of Iran ready to do the job of toppling these lunatics with a little moral and financial support.

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فرمانده سپاه پاسداران انقلاب نحس اسلامی علنآ به اسراییل و امریکا اعلان جنگ داده و همون چرندیات سایرین رو تحویل میده ، حالا یه عده گوسفند چپگرا، اسهال طلب و عقب مونده میگن که امریکا یا اسراییل دنبال بهانه هستند که به ایران حمله کنند. راستش این رژیم کثیف خودش همه جور بهانه ایی بدست دنیا میده مثل همین مزخرفاتی که فرمانده تروریست سپاه بلغور میکنه و دیگه دنیا بهانه یی نمیخواد که. اینها سر تا پا بهانه هستند ، از حمایتشون از تروریستها بگیرید تا ظلم و تعدی به مردم بدبخت خودشون. امیدوارم شراین اشغالها (اخوند جماعت و اسهال طلب) زودتر از سر مردم فلک زده ایران کم بشه

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French Foreign Minister said that Iran was a "stabilizing factor" in the Middle East!!