Monday, July 31, 2006

Iran student leader dies in jail

Another Iranian dissident dies in prisons of the Islamic regime. Do you think this would happen if liberal media had paid a little attention to the status of Iranian dissidents in regime's jails?

Fox News Reports, BBC News has more.

Italian's AKI:
    "They (the government) are protesting for Palestinian and Lebanese victims while they are killing Iranian youths for no reason," said Nasrin, calling on Europe "not just to discuss Tehran's diabolical nuclear plans but also of the rights of an entire generation which - outside and inside jails - lives in a great prison called Iran."
Mullahs, liberal media, Europeans, leftists, Mullahs' apologists and other left wing idiots share the blame for death of every single innocent people in Iran.

There are hundreds of dissidents like him in regime's jails who need to be freed. World needs to pay attention or it will be late and we'll end up having more dead dissidents.

The situation in Iran is very unfortunate!

Prince Reza's Statement on death of Akbar Mohammadi

Amnesty International's statement on his death


Chester said...

Damn that regime!

I'm so sorry to hear this.
A coincidence that they just arrested Batebi, too?

I am surprised it's being covered by the media.

Anonymous said...

Dear Winston,
I think you should write or better yet, translate one of the Iranian reports on Akbar Mohammadi.
Please don't antagonize in General terms, I promise you this needs to be more precise... "Europeans" "Liberals"... these words are discounted when they are laid so thick.

Anonymous said...

Sister of Iranian Student Dissident Says He Was Tortured, Murdered in Jail