Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Photos of Iranian terrorists on their way to Lebanon

I am glad they are going to get killed though. We dont need them in Iran.

Click here to view photos of Iran's terrorists on their way to Lebanon

That's another evidence proving Iran's public support for terrorism in south of Lebanon.

Iran's analyst Dr. Nourizadeh says Hezbollah forces have a Naval unit commanded by Iranian revolutionary guards officers:
    Hezbollah has three missile units, which includes some 200 technicians and experts trained in Iran, that are supervised by a 20-strong committee
It's time to go after Iranian regime...


Anonymous said...

Another cheap charade by those blood thirsty followers of Muhammad, several of them looked really scared as if forced to volunteer and die for their religion of Peace.

I hope Israel has the buses picked up by satellite , the heat signature from the exhause pipes will stand out during night driving, and one hit on the first bus will force a stop for the other buses and it will be a turkey shoot .
There's no doubt they have a truck full of dead children and females to toss around the buses as civilian on a picnic after giving blood for orphans with cancer and aids.

Thank the U.N. for this , they gave us the 53 year ceasefire in Korea and now it may become a Nuclear threat.

Anonymous said...

Egyptian Muslims force Christians to publically support islam and Muhammad, Coptic Egyptians not only are forced to pay a head-tax as a minority in a caliphate , but they now must support Hezbollah's war to wipe out Israel.

CAIRO — Egypt's Copts have hailed the Lebanese resistance movement Hizbullah and its chief Hassan Nasrallah as a source of pride to Muslims and the Arab world, and launched a fund-raising campaign to help the Lebanese people in their current trial.

"All Arabs must be proud of Hizbullah's gallantry," Bishop Rafiq Gris, the spokesman for the Egyptian Catholic Church, told IslamOnline.net Monday, July 31.

"No matter what the results will be, Hizbullah has proved that the 'invincible' Israeli army is too weak and shown that a Frankenstein created by the Arab rulers was brought to his knees by a few number of fighters," added Yuhana Qaltah, a writer and columnist.

Hizbullah has inflicted heavy losses on the powerful Israeli army and proved in no way an easy meat.

Its fighters forced Israeli forces to withdraw from the two strategic towns of Bint Jbeil and Maroon Al-Ras they had seized earlier.

Hizbullah has downed at least two Apache helicopters and damaged a giant warship at the very beginning of the conflict.

Famed filmmaker Youssef Chahine said Nasrallah is a "source of pride to Islam."

"Hizbullah is a symbol of Arab dignity," he told Reuters on Sunday, July 30.

The Cannes-awarded director said he hoped to shake hands with Nasrallah in a visit to Beirut earlier this year.

"Nasrallah welcomed my visit…I'm really proud of him," Chahine added.

Chahine issued Sunday a statement addressed to the US right wing after the grisly Israeli massacre in the southern Lebanese city of Qana, which killed at least 60 civilians, including 37 children.

"The chaos is to strike civilians just like combatants….The chaos is to vent your anger on orphans…The chaos is to kill pregnant women and toddlers…The chaos is to annihilate an entire population…The chaos is to usurp freedom with the New Middle East dreams," he wrote.

Louise said...

How are they going to get there by bus? Would they have to pass through Iraq?

Anonymous said...

impressive, an iranian neocon! i like it!

i'm bookmarking your site...

monica zandi said...

they are victims of the brainwash

Anonymous said...

sweet dude I wish I could have cool green headbands and have buses with the hezbollah flag on the windows and have huge pictures of khomeini's beautiful face

those kids are so dumb, I was laughing that they actually joined that kind of group

Anonymous said...

"I am glad they are going to get killed though. We dont need them in Iran."

Good point!

Anonymous said...

You're happy because they are gonna die.. but.. they will kill with them a lot of people.. Do you think it's fair?!

D.C. said...

Hi Winston,

This post right on target.
Iran has been sending troups, first hezbollah and now these guys. I wonder who is founding such bus trips.

The brave Iranian community out side Iran has been more than clear regarding the Mullahs.

I am afraid human rights advocates will not support the powerful efforts needed to get a regime change in Iran, just like they did in Iraq.

Is the sufferance of those in the worst dictatorships good business for human right activists? I honesty ask this terrible question.

I know they are good people out there helping every where human tragedy strikes. However they take scary political positions publicly and in private, even if they call themselves "apolitical". These positions are often friendly, indulgent towards the aggressor while condemning their own democratic forces. They chose to ignore their own profound beliefs on freedom and human rights in favor of their hatred for the strong leadership in strong democracies. As we are watching, jihad and terror are just starting to show us what it can do.

Makes me wonder if hatred is in the way of the facts.

Anonymous said...

Who says they'll necessarily kill a lot of people? How?
They have no military training, and they won't get inside Israel. They'll be used as disposable items to hezbullah.

Assem said...

anon @ 6.40

"Egyptian Muslims force Christians to publically support islam and Muhammad, Coptic Egyptians not only are forced to pay a head-tax as a minority in a caliphate , but they now must support Hezbollah's war to wipe out Israel."

Egyptians cristians dont pay head tax and are not forced to do shit! Egypt is also a republic with a secular government

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, more cannon fodder. Just like those poor children the mad mullahs stuck plastic keys (to paradise) on and sent out over the mine fields of Iraq back in the 80's.

Can anyone tell me why the people haven't figured out this con yet?