Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Quds is Chavez's

Hugo Chavez is wearing an Arabic chaffiyah with "Quds is Ours" on it. Some body got to remind him that Quds (Jerusalem) is not yours or Mahmoud's. It is Israelis or Palestinians who would finally decide on the issue.

And while Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is hosting the Iammadinjihad of Iran, hundreds of workers of a textile company are clashing with anti-riot police in northern city of Babolsar in Iran. Why? Because mad mahmoud took their money and went on a cruise in Carribean and a tour of NYC.
    Since Ahmadinejad’s government took over the executive branch of government last year, it has engaged in violent and brutal suppression of workers sit-ins and protests. Last years demonstrations by the Tehran bus company is an example where the protestors were met with brutal police attacks, leading to arrests of the activists.
Any ways, this ain't a joke. Mahmoud the idiot is in Venezuela, and you can really see his trip's pictures too. He does love this other idiot Chavez.

Btw, did you hear that Iranian leftists criticized Chavez for his support of the Islamic regime?


Rosemary said...

The Leftists finally found a dictator with whom they could disagree? Amazing.

I have noticed, though, that sometimes what is Left in Iran is Right in America. Some things. Take for instance Ganji. We all prayed for his health and release, along with all the other political prisoners.

I guess sometimes the world does move upside-down and inside-out!

c.h. said...

I wonder if the idiot Chavez even asked what it says

Terry Crane said...

I guess, ethanol, bio-diesel, synthetic oil (from coal), nuclear power, oil in GoM and Alaska.

Until the current oil prices stay, the regime can afford to combine ineffectiveness that is so common for dictatorships with high spending on military. And oppressive services, that are never cheap, even if based on religion. And on Hezbollah, and on cash-strapped Syria.

Once again: coal-burning powerstations AND windfarms AND drill in all nature reserves AND develop bio-fuels AND make oil heating illegal ...

Rocketman said...

On Leftists in Iran being critical of Chavez... they have not yet learned... Leftism is not about "social politics", that is just a ruse for the foolish people... it is about power, totalitarian power.

Chavez and Mahmoud are brothers of the same cause... that they may have different lies -- what is this between liars?