Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Iran Divestment Legislation

Reza Pahlavi writes to The State of California Assembly:
    Mr. Speaker, I am writing [to] you in support of the Iran Divestment Legislation (AB 221) calling for the divesting of your state’s public retirement funds from businesses benefiting the suppressive militant clerical regime of Iran.
It's a great move by the state of California for sure but there are things you can do too.

Updated: AB 221 passed

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programmer craig said...

Oh, this is a big deal! California all by itself is like the 6th largest economy in the world! This legislation only applies to State employees, but that's a lot of people and a lot of money! And I hope others follow the example. I hadn't heard of this legislation and I live in California.... thanks for the "heads up" :)