Friday, March 16, 2007

Mahmoud in NYC

That is plain stupid to let "President Immadinjihad" come to NYC and address the security council [1]

1- He just said that his evil regime doesn't give a rat's arse to UN and its useless papers so whats the point of having a terrorist sponsoring leader who doesn't even care about UN in the first place?

2- An Iranian citizen must wait for weeks, if not months, to get a simple 30 day American tourist visa from US consulates in either Dubai or Istanbul, and most of those people requesting US visas are elderly people who would like to go and see their sons or daughters who are living in exile for the past 27 years. Note that the people went to exile due to the Islamic revolution led by mad people like Ahmadinejad. Therefore I propose that Ahmadinejad, too, goes to back of the line and waits. And since there is an FBI background check involved, I doubt he would qualify for any US entry permit at all given he is a known member of an Axis of Evil gov't. How is that?

3- Mahmoud Immadinjihad's regime keeps threatening America by continuing its suspicious nuclear program and by funding and arming those insurgents who are in charge of slaughtering US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He shouldn't feel that he can get a US visa when he's killing Americans, threatens the world and suppress his own people on daily basis. It's wrong to let him in. Period!

4- I don't think going ahead with more reasons on why he shouldn't be allowed in the US changes any thing but that's all. Three reasons are enough...

Just don't let this bastard in please!

سوالم از مقامات امريکايی اين هست که چطور يک پدر يا مادر پیر ايرانی که قصد ديدن فرزندانش در تبعيد را دارد بايد ماهها در انتظار جواب رواديد از طرف سفارت امریکا در دوبی یا استانبول باقی بماند اما همين امريکا به رييس جمهور تروريست ايران در عرض چند روز ويزای ورود ميدهد؟


Anonymous said...

that is the true nature of politics. politics is not about honesty, or doing the "right" thing, or integrity. it`s about interests, and for now it is the US`s interest to get along with Mullahs because of Iraq. People and their human rights are irrelevant in world politics stage.

i`d say take him for a tour of US armed forces facilities and show him in how many seconds his entire country Iran could be turned to ashes.

Frieda said...

I read this in Drudge report yesterday:

Iran President Ahmadinejad Plans Trip To New York City/UN next week; requests visas for more than 25 ’security agents’… Iranians want to fly in private plane and leave a large group in the plane at JFK airport who will not pass through US customs…

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the UN is in NY. It is a supranational organization and diplomatic visa rules apply.

The best solution to this is to encourage the UN to move to some city more congenial to its ideologies -- maybe Kinshasa, Hanoi, or Riyadh. And, while we're at it, let's get the US out of the UN too.

Rosemary Welch said...

I'm with Shonkin on this one. You know how I feel about Ahmadinejad. I hated it when they gave him legitimacy the LAST time they allow him into MY country.


Will it stand if every country stops funding it? Will it fight its way out of a paper bag without the help of others? Will it stop the corruption and raping of young girls within it's own body?

If it cannot do these little (except the rape is big), it is not independent! That is the mark of a nation. :)

PS. I was not using caps to yell at you. I was using them in frustration at the rip-off org. itself. :)

Rita Loca said...

I just wish someone could explain to me why we let people like this come to our country and rant and rave! I dont get it!

Anonymous said...

Ali: That's an excellen suggestion. He needs to see the military power that the US can unleash with or without nuclear weapons.

Anonymous said...

It's the UN he's there to address. I can't imagine he's too interested in the Statue of Liberty or the construction taking place on the Freedom Tower. So ignore him if you're so upset with his presence.

Or assassinate him if you're so inclined (might be a good strategy)

Urban Infidel said...

I hate to think of that filth coming to my town again.

I thought it was haram to set foot in an infidel country??