Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The aftermath of the last night riots is so great that I couldn't just update my previous post. Therefore I decided to run a new entry on the matter and link directly to the pictures and stories.

So here we go with some new pictures from the places that were set ablaze last night across the country: One torched gas station, Another one

Photos from the SW Iranian city of Ahwaz 8 hours ago and some more images from the southern Iranian port of Bandar Abbas

The sanctions are affecting the regime slowly and the last punch (read Regime Change) can come through these scenes. We may wake up one day and hear on TV that mullahs are gone.

Pajamas Media: Is Tehran Burning?

Regime's news agency coverage

Video showing riots in the streets of Tehran and you can hear police shooting at the people (East of Tehran)


Jonson said...

My fingers are crossed for you and all the other Iranians I know who are waiting for the "crazy mullahs" to finally go.

I sincerely hope that they don't prove just how crazy they really are over the next few months, and, god forbid, should they manage to, I pray that our reaction is sane.

Louise said...

Good news, in a way. I hope the pressure is unrelenting.

Jay -- Arlington Virginia Condos said...

I feel badly for the business owners. I don't think it's their fault and they shouldn't have been punished, right? Many Americans in the know are rooting for the young people of Iran and their hopes for liberty and rule of law versus rule of mullahs....

Jay -- Arlington Virginia Condos said...

I feel badly for the business owners whose gas stations got torched. I don't think this was their fault....And it's your business owners you want to be doing well as they are often better equipped than the general populace to fund revolutionary ideas and activism....

Many Americans who are well read on Iran are praying the noble and young people of Iran will be able to procure liberty and rule of law soon versus rule of mullahs.


Anonymous said...

I just found your site and want to say I admire your courage. I also admire those in Iran who are risking life itself against the ruling party. I have several friends who have worked in Tehran in the 70's before our Country helped 'make Iran better'. These friends will be joining your Site. Keep spreading the word, you are doing a great service even though the risk is high. I respect you.

BHCh said...

Do you really think so?

Twoshorties said...

Lets hope that the burning will continue till the death of Islamic invaders.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work... A new day is sure to dawn!

Anonymous said...

Jay - the gas stations are owned by the regime.

Uriah said...

Serious question for you Winston: How much can the US help the pro-freedom groups and how overtly? I keep hearing that if the US takes any real action it will provide a rallying point for the Govt and bring the average Iranian rushing to their support. I give this more weight than I used to because of the fact that they keep trying to blame the problems on the American boogeyman.

Anonymous said...

Entropy -
Since Winston hasn't answered, I'll put my 2 cents in...
I used to think that the U.S. should covertly help the democratic movement in Iran.
Now, I think we should make a public announcement --NOW HERE THIS KHAMENEI and all your minions and sycophants: The Iranian People and the rest of the civilized world are sick of your crap and we're not taking it anymore.
Then announce that we're funding and supporting regime change in any way we can.

And NO, this wouldn't result in the average Iranian rushing to the support of this vile regime.
I believe as long as the Iranian people know what we're doing and that THEY will be the ones to decide who will govern them after these bastards are gone, they'll rally behind us and their countrymen, not the mullahs.
This is exactly what the regime is afraid of.

NOMAD said...

Iran resist

here it is said that the cover up and pictures were fakes, all oraganised by the Mullahs