Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Petrol Crisis

I am getting some first hand reports from inside of Iran about the situation resulted from fuel ration policy which will go into effect as of tonight midnight (local time) through out the country.

Angry people have blocked the main highway in Tehran and several serious clashes have occurred in gas stations across the capital. The amount of anger among the people is such that police forces have refused to intervene in some parts of the city where roads are blocked and people have shattered the buildings' windows. And some reports indicate that 50 petrol stations were set ablaze in Tehran alone and at least 3 people died in the clashes.

Regime's ISNA news agency has many photos: Pictures 1, Pictures 2, Pictures 3 , Pictures 4, Pictures 5 and Iran press news has some more .

For now, thousands of people are moving from the eastern part of Tehran towards downtown in what appears to be a crowd of angry people protesting the regime's policies.

This is the Achilles heal of the regime and the mullahs are digging their own graves.

Update 1: More Photos, Even More Pix , A blogger from Tehran

Update 2: Cars are being torched and set ablaze through out the city, especially western part of Tehran, and it seems the situation is out of control for regime.

BBC Covering the protests

Update 3: More photos from last night


BHCh said...

Interesting... Doesn't look as bad as Paris a few months back though.

Evange said...

I dont see the logic behind torching cars and gas stations. Isn't that a waste of gas?

Anonymous said...

Good coverage. Thanks

Papa Ray said...

This is not hurting anyone but the people themselves. It's strange how they strike and bite themselves, because they are too afraid to strike and bite the government.

Sad and strange.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Louise said...

I think this is good news. Especially the part where the police are not interfering. The day when the state's enforcers no longer do the state's business but side, instead, with the people is a good day.

Papa ray, this is how regimes are toppled. As long as there's a functioning economy, there is a chance the regime will stand, but if there is nothing to lose, and the people can still muster enough anger to riot in the streets, the regime is threatened.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Women and Children? In Budapest, in 56 when the hungarian AVO thugs fired on a group of gathering civians,and hit a woman and her baby. The Russian troops massed nearby responeded by firing on the AVO. Thus began the Hungarian uprising!

Anonymous said...

mullah´s use anyway donkey as transport...who needs petrol?