Sunday, December 9, 2007

Angry َStudents

Once again, the brave students at the Tehran university showed us that no matter what happens on the world stage, they've not forgotten the cause of freedom and democracy. Today, thousands of "angry students" broke the main gates of the university campus and invited the people to unite with them in their protest against the theocratic regime of Iran. The students chanted: "Death to Dictator", "Referendum is what nation wants", "Free Jailed Students".

The student movement in Iran has not died and has not lost its momentum and it is something that we, outsiders, have to support and spread the word about. Those living inside of Iran want regime change and would like to see a day when Iran is not run by these religious maniacs and to achieve that goal, every one of us must unite and give them a helping hand. To those who would suggest that we should leave these students alone and let them fight their own fight, I say this: Look at all those English language signs and banners that students carry with them all the time. It means that the students inside of Iran want foreign press coverage and want the foreign observers to know what's going on in that country occupied by the mullahs. This needs to be supported and they deserve our full support. VOA News has more

Protests in Shiraz, south of Iran

I'll keep you posted on this!

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Fox News reports

دانشجویان شجاع دانشگاه تهران بار دیگر ثابت کردند که شعله ازادی و دموکراسی خواهی در داخل ایران خاموش نشده و این مبارزه در داخل وطن به حمایت و همدلی تمام ایرانیان وطندوست نیاز داره. ما که در خارج از ایران هستیم باید به این انسانهای مبارز و ازاده کمک کنیم و صدای این عزیزان رو به سراسر دنیا برسونیم


Rita Loca said...

I hope they can make a change. It was the student movement that brought about the defeat of the reforms in Venezuela last week. Not that the win is going to changer much in the long run...but it sure feels good to win!!

Anthony said...

I wish them luck. The regime has shown time and again it's willing to be ruthless with those who oppose it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reporting!

Anonymous said...

Was it not students that kicked off the 1979 revolution by occupying the US embassy? Maybe it will have to be students that bring about another revolution.

Louise said...

I hope there are more demonstrations, and more, and more and more, until the regime collapses.

Anonymous said...

I have a question. What is the significance of the placards being in English rather than arabic. I have noticed that many demonstrations in Iran feature signs in English. Doesn't this damage the credibility of the demonstrators since some of the religious establishment can point to it as proof of western 'corruption'?

Anonymous said...

Never mind. Stupid me. The explanation for why the signs were in english was in the article to begin with. For some reason, I missed it. I wonder if at 36 i'm just becoming senile lol. I still do wonder about the 2nd part of my question, however, doesn't the use of English on the placards give ammo to those in the religious establishment who wish to claim that the protestors are 'western' plants?

Winston said...

These students are already labeled as Westoxicated individuals.

Anonymous said...

Hey my friend! I'm really glad I found your blog. I was beginning to think that I was the only pro-U.S., pro-Israel Iranian conservative out there... Well not to sound cliche, but I consider myself conservative on economic issues, but socially-speaking, I'm more of a libertarian.

I just launched a blog for like-minded comrades, and added yours to my blogroll. Please visit often!