Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Islamic Iran

One of the wonders of the Islamic revolt of 1979 was to send Iran back to the 7th century. Don't believe me? Well check this out:
    "Nine million Iranians cannot read or write out of a population of at least 71.5 million, a newspaper reported today."
That's what the Islamic regime has accomplished thus far. And I'd rather not talk about the depth of poverty, drug addiction, divorces, suicides, mental illness among the youth and so on and so forth. This single evidence that a huge portion of the country is unable to read and write is the only one such evidence any body needs to see the true reality of an Islamic government. A country which its literacy rate before the infamous 1979 Islamic revolt was among the highest in the developing world and its per capita income in 1977-78 was, in current terms, where South Korea and Turkey are today. Shameful, eh?!

به برکت انقلاب نحس اسلامی ایران نه میلیون ایرانی در بیسوادی مطلق بسر میبرند. برای ملتی که در سال 56 خورشیدی دارای بالاترین تعداد باسواد به نسبت جمعیت در میان ملل در حال توسعه بود، این امار واقعآ شرم اور و خنده دارهست. مملکتی که در سال 56 خورشیدی درامد سرانه مردم ان برابر با درامد سرانه ترکیه و کره جنوبی بود امروز قادر نیست قیمت مایحتاج عمومی مردم رو ثابت نگه داره


Anonymous said...

drug addiction, divorces, suicides, mental illness among the youth

Not that I am defending Iran (it's indefensible). But they don't have the market cornered on illiteracy or any of the other above social ills. America and the West suffer the same deterioration.

Aryamehr said...

hey can you send me the jstor article if you have access to it? thanks.

Winston said...

Aryamehr, the JSTOR piece doesn't need a password to read if you open it in an academic environment such as college campuses and universities.