Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mark Steyn in Toronto

I'm just back from the book signing and interview event with Mark Steyn. And these are the few photos I could take there. I'll update this post tomorrow. I have had a really long day and can't stay up longer. Please check back!

Updated: He was interviewed by head of Indigo/Chapters company (Canada's book chains) Mrs. Heather Reisman and it was as if a moonbat is interviewing an intelligent person (Mark Steyn) and with really biased and one sided questions. At one point, she told Mark what he would do if he was "President of Great Britain". Hahaha... I thought Britain has ceased being a constitutional monarchy. LOL... Or she called Bush administration as "Bush's regime" and in response to that Mark said that "Anti-Americanism is a mental illness these days" and the crowd exploded in laughter. Ms. Reisman was surprised why hundreds of people were clapping and whistling for Mark and not for her. Probably she didn't know how Mark Steyn in popular with the people and she is not. ;-) I think Indigo/Chapters company definitely needs to hire a professional person to interview people.

The interview lasted for an hour and the book signing went on for almost two hours. It was such an honor to meet with Mr. Steyn and tell him how I appreciated his emphasis on "Putting an end to the Iranian regime" in his book and advocating it here and there. Moreover, Mark Steyn talked about Iran in particular and said how a modernizing government like that of the Shah was overthrown by radical Islamists in 1979 and that's essentially the type of so-called reform that is now taking place around the world. He brought up the case of Malaysia where they're entertaining the idea of replacing a secular British style government with a Sharia based Islamist one. I also had the chance to talk a bit with Tarek Fatah and it was cool. Although I disagree with his views on US, Israel and president Bush's policies, he is a strong anti-CAIR character that western societies really need to back when it comes to fighting the Jihadists.

Updated 2: As night goes on and I feel better, it is not bad to add more info to this post here: hmmm, let me see. Well, I thanked Mark for emphasizing the problems of Iran and he told me: "It was the first Islamic Republic and it is an exhausted one at that and it has to go" which was heart warming to hear. You know, there are very few people who actually get the real point when it comes to the Iranian regime. I think Ambassador Bolton, Donald Rumsfeld, Michael Ledeen, Michael Rubin are among those people, and today I could say Mark Steyn should be added to the list as well. Mark Steyn talked about the future of immigration, Europe, his case with the shameful human rights tribunals and the upcoming US elections.

Any ways, the event was so much fun. I think the entire pro-America population of the liberal city of Toronto (Less than 400 people in the room, I'd imagine) were present, as Mark Steyn also noted. Again, it was a big time honor to see him in person. I end this entry with what Mark wrote for me: "Let's win this in Canada and Iran."

Updated Thursday: Mark Steyn just mentioned me on Hugh Hewitt show for pressing Heather Reisman to bring the recently published book by famous American blogger/journalist Michael Yon called Moment of Truth in Iraq to the Canadian market. Available in Canada as of Thursday May 8th

امروز در یکی از کتابفروشیهای اصلی شهر با نویسنده معروف کانادایی مقیم امریکا مارک استاین ملاقات کردم و واقعآ مایه افتخار بود. در حاشیه کتاب برای من نوشت که: بیاییم این مبارزه (مبارزه علیه اسلامی شدن دنیا) را ببریم


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Roy Eappen said...

That's great Winston. I wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

Bear in mind Reisman is a regular attendee of Buildernerg meetings and this will go a long way to explaing her vice regal presumption and globalist-left moonbattery.

Bilderberg is the ad-hoc clique of self styled global snobbery who presuppose to solve all the world's ills without the messiness of a democratic mandate.

She honestly believes she is Canadian estblishment ruling class aristocracy.

This is why I wouldn't enter a Chapters/Inigo store except to empty my bladder.

Get your books at Amamzon Canada...they;re in stock, they;re cheaper, they don't censor what's on sale and they don't lecture you about your choices...and it's one less dollar spent inflating Queen Heather's ego.

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Nice to hear about the event Winston. I was very sad that I had another commitment and couldn't make it out to see Mr. not ALL of the pro-America demographic in Toronto was present. Keep up the good fight.

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Thanks Winston, pleasure to meet you.
Great review.
(other guy in the hat)

Rosemary Welch said...

This is wonderful. I heard he is going in front of the HRC this week. I hope he treats them the same way the other guy did. (Sorry, I don't remember his name even though I wrote about him!) I will be praying for him. FREE SPEECH SHALL RULE THE DAY! ;)