Friday, May 9, 2008

The Cult of Terror

It's a terrible mistake for the western governments especially Great Britain to remove an infamous terrorist Islamist-Marxist cult like MEK/PMOI/NCRI from their "Foreign Terror Organizations" list. [+] The current Iranian regime is a terrible criminal entity and we, Iranians, dislike them very much but the MEK/PMOI/NCRI cult is as worse. They may have a tiny support among a tiny minority of ignorant, hopeless and uneducated Iranians in exile but it doesn't give these morons any legitimacy to claim the representation of more than 65 million Iranians in and outside of the country. I do hope this cult remains on the list of terrorist organizations for a long time to come until the criminal heads of this cult be tried in a free and fair court in a free Iran for their crimes since 1960s.

Noblesse Oblige agrees with me and says
    "Once a group adapts terror as a means to an end they can never be trusted again - if they show the willingness to let the ends justify the means once, they can, and likely will, again."
گروه اسلامی-مارکسیست مجاهدین کله شق در میان ایرانیان ازاده، وطندوست و تحصیلکرده هیچ جایی نداشته و نداره و امیدوارم تصمیم دادگاه کم خرد بریتانیا در مورد این فرقه تروریستی در اروپا، کانادا وامریکا که جزو یکی از خطرناکترین دشمنان ازادیخواهی، منطق و دموکراسی در ایران بوده و هست اجرا نشه و دولت انگلیس این انگلهای اسلامی رو در لیست تروریستی باقی نگه داره


Anonymous said...

سلام رفیق
دلم برات تنگ شده. دیگه تو فروم نمیری؟

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بهم ایمیل بزن

Anonymous said...

Finally we agree on something! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Yet more sectarianism that benefits the regime. You support the Mujahideen group proscription because you disagree with its ideology not because whether it is actually a terrorist group. At this rate, the mullahs regime will last a thousand years.