Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NYT Conversion

Former regime apologist Roger Cohen of NYTimes newspaper has an excellent report from Iran: The regime never had active support from more than 20 percent of the population. This is a must read! Apparently this former apologist has been able to see the truth. I am glad to welcome him to our camp of freedom seeking Iranians. Good job!

Michael Ledeen has a round up of events that should be read.

Also there'll be major rallies in different cities of Iran tomorrow afternoon. I'll keep you posted...

Silence Is Not Neutrality by Michael Rubin.

The West must act against these monsters

Updated at 10:45pm ET: I've been thinking this loudly and now trying to share it with you: "The criminal mullahs will turn Iran to a middle-eastern Burma or N. Korea like country, armed with nukes, awash in oil money ruling with iron fist over an isolated people held hostage at the point of a gun ONLY if the free world doesn't seize upon this moment to change the regime in Iran."


saggezard said...

I spoke to five relatives in various parts of Iran, they were all very cautious, I confirmed one relative is in Evin, in fact they were happy the kid was still alive after disappearance for days. Another was extremely distraught and anxious about the situation, saying it is difficult to thinking about the violence witnessed. Another one was saying that the youth are just being rebellious youth and they cannot be stopped from going out. Others were making veiled remarks that kids are getting killed and maimed by unscrupulous people.

Winston said...

Honestly, I don't want to call my close friends in Tehran because I don't want to endanger their lives.

Louise said...

More defections from the armed forces!

Info @ Azarmehr's blog.

Winston said...

I saw that, Louise. I posted it on twitter.com