Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rhetoric is not enough

Yeah, yeah, the coward US president Obambi talked about how appalled he is regarding the violence in Iran but seriously I want him to stay out of this now. He came to this point very late and he's a man who is not willing to back his deceiving rhetoric up with meaningful action. He's harming the people's cause now. If he backed up his rhetoric with covert and overt action against the mullahs of Iran, then we could expect results. But when he invites the Iranian regime's diplomats to 4th of July BBQs at the US embassies, then there's no way I can believe he is serious. Ok, this was one thing I wanted to mention. Again this ain't about Obamble now. He's shown to be a disgrace and one whose mentor of 20 yrs was a racist lunatic. Another pro-tyranny democrat Jimmy Carter helped install Khomeinist regime and another marxist now is supporting them with his timid silence. Shameful....

Okay.... now I am hearing from inside of Iran that Mousavi camp has no intention of crossing the regime's line. I know, I know, as far as Khamenei is concerned Mousavi has crossed many many lines. But I am not sure if Mousavi is the man to lead the anti-regime masses that came out on this past Saturday. And this lack of cohesive leadership inside of Iran means the movement might not succeed immediately. As I said before, the movement will shift to civil disobedience mode very soon. Labor unions, oil workers (oil industry is controlled by IRGC though) and government agencies are the main factors in this deal. The people inside of Iran have been screaming/demanding for a more forceful leadership that can truly lead their movement towards liberty and democracy. That leader has yet to materialize. Where's Mousavi?

The next few days will show if Mousavi is really the man or the people in the streets should look beyond him in their struggle against the thuggish Islamic Republic.

Update: Iranian protesters have started their own "Street" newspaper. Link in persian

Update at 9pm ET: I missed this disgraceful show of support Obama had for the criminal mullahs. He proves to be an arse again:
    "It's not too late for the Iranian government to see there is a peaceful path that leads to legitimacy in the eyes of the Iranian people."
Somebody stop this asshole from further commenting on Iranian protests. We really don't need him. He can stick with Rev. Wright & Bill Ayres for all I care. How could this moron be elected the president? Ignorant bastard....


Mehran said...


The day Moussavi resorted to a Reza Pahlavi-like ineffectual gesture (i.e. asking people to turn on their car lights) I knew the game was up. He blinked first, and the murderous Khamenei faction won.

The demonstrations have fizzled out now (as that douchebag Galloway said they would). The footballers have been punished by lifetime bans. 600 so-called artists (admittedly mostly second rate) have been made to sign some dubious document praising the 'epic' election 'victory' of the monkey man, the courts are threatening to teach the demonstrators 'a lesson', and Iran is already beginning to fade from the headlines.

Please tell me I am wrong.

Winston said...

I am not in denial but it's too early to say Khamenei has won. Let's wait until this Friday.

saggezard said...

Mehran, It is extremely premature to decisively believe the revolt is over, it is true hat the media, especially the western news gathering, has been almost successfully been suffocated, but the media has never been capable to represented the truth inside Iran. Communication by phone and internet has been constrained to less than one tenth of normal levels for full surveillance. The fire is burning very hot, people's anger cannot be reversed anymore. The strikes are starting, foreign boycotts and sanctions can be a huge blow to the regime. LONG LIVE THE GREAT IRANIAN REVOLUTION

Mehran said...
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SFinKS said...

For the sake of Neda and the others that lost there lives in this uprising, I hope that if Mousavi is NOT the true leadership type that someone, from somewhere will rise to the cause and "strike while the iron is hot."

As the Obambi people say, "you hate to let a crisis (or an uprising) go to waste."

GOD'S speed from the middle of Kansas, USA.

alison said...

and Iran is already beginning to fade from the headlines.

Huh? I posted some twitterpics today that show the complete opposite. Crediting Galloway is also wrong. Sharing the info as often and as hard as possible - I have never seen such overwhelmingly keen western support. Not from our politicians but from us, the people and we finally have the means to try to speak direct to the Iranian people even if it is not always successful.

Keep faith.

Great opinion and perspectives as ever Winston. Great job.