Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reformist Mindset

I've a problem digesting the typical Iranian reformists' mindset. Here's the thing: If the reformists in Iran believe the election was rigged, the votes were stolen and the current government is illegitimate then why are they begging the the same illegal entity aka Ahmadinejad for permission to protest?

This is why I think the reformist wing of the regime is unable to carry the protests to the next level. I am not sure if they realize that reforming this regime is not an option any more. Of course, Rafsanjani has been dreaming about being supreme leader himself and for that reason, he won't allow these petty reformists to create the atmosphere of regime change. And that's why I can't be sorry for the reformists who stood trial a few days ago. A few years ago, they did to us what the hardliners are doing now. So what's the difference? The time has not washed their crimes away. These reformists would have also clamped down on dissidents and protesters if they got out of control and too noisy. The trouble is that the Iranian people are left alone to deal with these murderers and future is too bleak.


Yikes said...

why are they begging Ahmadinejad/Khamenei for permission to protest?
Cuz they don't want to be arrested & killed. They want to be around for the new incarnation of the regime, 'regime lite'.

Rafsanjani, Mousavi, Khatami, et al - they're all murderers

Anonymous said...

Since when Rafsanjani is a moderate????