Monday, December 14, 2009

Stuck in mud

The Persian language news outlets are all abuzz with the news that Iran's regime may arrest and detain 'Iranian reformist leader Mr. Mousavi' any time now. The university campuses across the country have been like a volcano ready to erupt. Blood thirsty leader Khamenei has issued several warnings to the anti-regime protesters demanding they quit their protests and let him be to no avail.

The latest news I received indicated that the city of Tehran is in a garrison like mode and locked down at this time. Mullahs are basically stuck between a rock and a hard place. Whatever they do at this point will further agitate the people: doing nothing will expose them as weak while doing everything (further killing, imprisonment, torture... etc) will anger the Iranian people and may isolate them further around the globe. It must be noted that in the meantime, Mouavi's wife has asked their supporters to come out in case of Mousavi's arrest. She has demanded that the protesters/supporters march from Tehran's Enghelab Sq to Azadi Sq. Mousavi's probable arrest means more and more street protests and regime must be foolish to arrest him (even though I don't doubt their foolish nature). This is where things stand for the regime. They have been stuck in mud since June.

As the Shiite's holy month of Muharram nears, the prospects of further anti-regime protests look greater. Millions of people come out (mostly using the first ten days as an excuse for socializing) to the streets to mourn the 3rd shia Imam killed in 680 AD and the regime is going to be unable to prevent people from mourning what regime has claimed to represent in the past 30 years. The mullahs are vulnerable during these mourning days and things can go wrong for them if they decide to act against mourners. What is the regime going to do about all this? Killing people during those holy days? Acting like Yazid? I am sure the sadistic members of the Iranian regime are willing and capable of acting like that but at what price? They'll lose further support among their very own base if they act against people during the month of Muharram. Any person who is killed by this regime during those so-called 'sacred' days will bring more havoc and hell for the regime. The next few weeks are going to be interesting. Probably a bigger turning point since June for Iranians and the world.


Anonymous said...

lol the only 'mourning' that occurs in Iran during those 'sacred' days is during the ridiculous traffic jams on the way to Shomal to party. I mean Ashura isn't called the 'Hossein Party' for nothing lol

Winston said...

Agreed but I am also putting this in the context of how people are using it as a big excuse to GET OUT of their homes and do what they want under the pretext of MOURNING.

Arash said...

This is just further in-fighting between the various Mafia clans of the Islamic Republic. Luckily even if they do arrest Mousavi, they still can't hold back the people of Iran who are the ones truly leading this resistance.

Roll on Moharram.