Thursday, February 2, 2006

Muslims and Freedom of Speech

Do these muslims understand how western democracies work or not? I guess not because they are angry.

I am also glad to see that German, Italian, Spanish and French papers are backing their Danish counterparts in the dispute over the cartoon.

I am indeed curious to know if European politicians keep on appeasing the radical muslims or not after these incidents.

I wonder if the Eurabian governments have realized how their appeasement policies turned out to be today.

It is time to deal with these primitive radicals or it will be late tomorrow.

The muslim community should understand that the there is nothing sacred in today's world and every one is entitled to say whatever he/she likes.

Do the Muslims understand that the style of life in the western world is totally different than their owns in the mideast?

Nothing is sacred these days!

I also believe it is not europeans who have to apologize. It is time for the radical muslims and their backward governments in the middle east to apologize for years of oppression, suppression, stealing freedom of their own people, mass murdering prisoners and dissidents and lots of other shameful behaviors.

Will they ever apologize to the world for their dirty deeds?

I am absolutely angry at these pathetic muslims and I demand an apology from them for their wrongful actions and I'd like to remind them that the world we live in is a diverse one and we, who do not share your beliefs, have the right to live as we wish.

I have to remind you that our world is not, fortunately, ruled or regulated by your primitive ideas.

Any ways, in defense of the freedom of speech and to show my defiance as a person from a so-called Islamic country I am reposting the cartoons and I urge every one to do so.

See the cartoons

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chester said...

To the muslim organizations that are so publicly outraged, Get a grip and get over it. They're cartoons.

This is off the subject of the cartoons.......but I've been noticing that the msm have been downplaying the concerns regarding the Superbowl. There have been a few articles, but in the past years since Sept. 11th, it's been a bigger story than this year. (seems to me, anyway)
Yet this year, it's being held in Detroit...a city with economic and crime problems, a city with one of the largest arab muslim populations in the country (I think Washington, D.C. has more), a city that borders Canada (and all that entails when trying to get a grip on immigration).

I don't think there could be a more dangerous or vulnerable city in which to have the game.

All the protective measures mentioned in the papers that are being done now, seems to me, are just about worthless. If alQaeda has planned an attack, the people and plans have been in place for weeks or months. A little too late to be watching the border now. So I hope they've been watching it for the past year. And I hope someone has been monitoring phone calls and mosques and whomever for longer than the past month or so.

(a scary thought came to mind the other day....remember that guy in Oklahoma who tried to get into the football game and blew himself up nearby? Eerie.)

I think a lot of people here in the U.S. are trying to hide their anxiety and fear while collectively holding their breath.

I know I will be.