Sunday, March 12, 2006

Canada's War On Terror

As a new member of the Canadian society, I have not been appreciating the Canada's role in its efforts to combat terrorism enough, and I was so obsessed with the recent Iranian related issues and news that it didn't let me think of any thing else.

I almost forgot to speak my mind about the Canadian soldiers who either died or injured in Afghanistan in the past few weeks.

And then I came across the news regarding the surprise visit to Afghanistan based troops by Prime minister Harper and it made me write a note on this occassion and thank the Canadian forces for what they are doing in that part of the world now.

PM Harper makes surprise visit to troops in Afghanistan

I have to say thank you, Canada, for fighting against terrorism, radicalism and darkness along with other western powers.

Update1: PM Harper's Statement regarding the troops in Afghanistan


Rico said...

Way to go Winston and Welcome to Canada. Nice to see someone who is or has been there let the ignorant of Canada know what is really going on in the Middle East.

Leap Frog said...

Appreciate your rememberances of our fallen soldiers, thanks Winston.

If S. Harper hadn't won, we'd be giving Hamas a fat cheque, our military would be under a pull out and/or reduction of forces and you'd certainly never see Martin over there to support the troops. ( unless of course it somehow could have put the Americans in a bad light by CBC.. ).
Good for our PM, S. Harper.

Any soldier, from anywhere, who has died in this war of terror deserves the upmost respect and honor.