Monday, March 13, 2006

UK for freedom in Iran?

Oh my gosh, I couldn't believe that one day I hear Europeans saying some thing about the lack of freedom in Iran.

But it is happening right now, thanks to the efforts led by the Bush administration.

I do think the Eurowhinnies are finally figuring out that the answers to all the West's problems is to get rid of the mullahcracy regime of Iran.

They're backing up the U.S. in calling for freedom and human rights for the Iranian people and that is great.

In another story, The leftist Washington Post newspaper mentions the Bush's administration efforts to build an opposition to the Mullahs and that the intended UN Security Council sanctions will aim the leaders of Iran, not the people of the country. That is what I have always stated through my weblog as well.

This is very good news and I am glad that the Europeans are finally waking up to the reality!

Update 1: Also Asia Times Online takes a look "Inside the US's regime-change school"


Tasha said...


Very good news!

سینا مالکی said...

i am support all kind of peacefully support of democracy in iran

آهو said...

Winston Jun,
many thanks for the movie.
thanks for all the support and friendship.

امیر فرشاد ابراهیمی said...

عزیز اینکه با هر نوع مبارزه موافقی درست ولی باید حرمت سنت ها را داشت . آقا میل نزدی ها منتظرم

Anonymous said...

Winston: I was shocked too. It looks like the Europeans are waking up to the threat the regime presents as it tries to fulfill it's global ambition of estalbishing a Caliphate in the region.

Craig said...

The right wing is amazing in its lies.

First, lie that Europe fails to realize that Iran lacks freedom.

Then, when Europe indicates differently, the right, rather than admit their mistake, claims that Europe changed - and even more, gives credit to Bush.

Now, show me one speck of evidence that something Bush did changed the minds of leaders of Europe on Iran's freedom - but they can't, because they're making it up as they go along.

Anonymous said...

The left wing is amazing. Their hatred for the right and president Bush outweighs their love for America and it's security. The left wingers are truly cowards and don't give a damn about the Iranians or any other brown-skinned people.

Anonymous said...

they shouldnt work with the reformists!

shingles said...

I gotta say, its remarkable how everything good that happens in this world is because of Bush, yet everything bad that happens is somehow the fault of Democrats or the MSM.

chester said...

shingles :

Everything good that happens isn't because of Bush and no one says it is.
But most bad things that happen ARE because of the liberals and the MSM.
Lol. So you got that part right.