Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Iranian Parade in NYC

Check out the latest pictures of the Iranian New Year Parade in New York City on Sunday, March 19, 2006 (( Courtesy of Iranian.com ))

It is very nice!


sina said...

Dear jigar,
Your weblog is really nice .
thanks for coming and live message for me. :)
Would u mind If I asked you give me a Link in your nice blog ?"

Thanks Dadash

آزادیخواهان زاگرسی2 said...

my english is nt good and i cant describe my mean to u .but i cangratulate newrooz to u and your family and your friends.
and i hope this year be a goodend year for democratian s people in iran
with the best wishes to u

chester said...

Nice pictures.

lida said...

heif.. ma ke natoonestim bebinim ama bayad jaleb bashe...

عاطفه said...

Happy new year dear winston. with best wishes.

حميد/ ميداف said...

حيدت مبارک نوروزتان پيروز هميشه شاد باشي

SNS said...

سال نو را درود می گوييم،
اميد را در خانه دل
اراده را در خانه انديشه،
جای می دهيم.
به روشنايي می انديشيم
که ساغر ذرات هستی
از شراب نور، سرشار است
با هم بمانیم و با هم بخوانیم.
بخوانیم بنام زندانی،
بنام اعدامی،
بنام آزادی
و بنام بهروزی


آهو said...

چه كار قشنگي! ممنون از عكسها. فكر ميكنم سال دومي باشه كه دارن اين رژه رو ميذارن.

khedri said...

i cant see your picture. the filtering dnt alow us to see those
happy new year

Winston said...

Khedri, I will e-mail the photos to you right now!