Thursday, March 23, 2006

US & Iran talk over Iraq

It is a bit hard to predict the outcome of the US-Iran talks over Iraq and the Americans say the talks are restricted to the issues related to Iraq, insurgents and security of their forces in that country.

Well, I take their words for it however you never know what may come up in such negotiations and I hope they wouldn't end up exchanging roses and candies...

I believe that there shouldn't be any negotiations between the US and a known enemy of the civilized world like the Islamic regime of Iran because they are not reasonable people and the only language they understand is the language of force, sanction and pressure.

Shahram has an interesting take on this issue and he argues that the regime has sensed the real threats posed to them from various governments with regards to their controversial nuclear issue and the mullahs are also aware of their isolation in the world. And he also states that their recent energy accords with China, India or other countries won't be helpful in time of crisis either.

As Shahram says: Let's see what their (mullahs') next move will be.

And I doubt the Mullahs have any chance to gain any thing from these talks at all. Their days are numbered if they keep on doing what they are doing right now.

Update 1: State's Burns Rejects Direct U.S.-Iran Talks Over Nuclear Issue

برنز مذاکرات مستقيم بين ايران و آمريکا درباره مسائل هسته ای را رد کرد


Rosemary said...

I know exactly how you feel, but I have it on authority that there are not going to be any negotiations. You can bet my life on that.

Iraq set up this meeting with Iran months ago. Now Iran is trying to say we wanted to talk to them. BULL. They wanted to talk to us so they could change the topic. Keep your eye on the prize.

Again, there will be NO negotiations. If anything is said, it will be to Iran to get the heck out Iraq. :)P

خدري said...

با سلام اقايان ادعا دارند كه در باره ماجراي عراق قصد مذاكره دارند البته هر دوطرف اما هر چه باشد در اين شرايط فكر نكنم بتوانند حقي را بستانند اي كاش زماني كه كلينتون شرايط را براي مذاكره مهيا مي كرد اقايان با خودشان لج نمي كردند و در اين روز ها هر چه كه شود اميدوارم مردم ايران كمترين ضرر را ببينند همين

تـــــرنـــٌــــم said...

درود جـناب
احـوالاتـت چـطوره ؟!ـ

خشم خاموش said...

با درود لینک وبلاگتان را در وبلاگ با the spirit of manدر وبلاگم قرار دادم نام
پاینده باشید

arya said...

درود دوست گرامی
برای شما سال خوبی را آرزومندم

اما در مورد مطلب عرض کنم به شما اطمینان خاطر می دهم که ایران و یا رژیم آخوندی و همچنین آمریکائیها راهی به جزء جنگ ندارند حقیر از درون ایران این را به همه قول می دهم
می دانم که بسیار سخت است ام حقیقتیست تلخ

و باید پذیرفت

نوروزتان پیروز
همآره شاد باشید و سربلند

Rosemary said...

You must teach me Persian! lol.

Anonymous said...

سال نو مبارک