Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm Going To Contribute To Western Standard's Weblog

It is with great honor to announce that I am invited to be the guest author of Western Standard's weblog named The Shotgun.

I got an invitation from the Publisher of the Western Standard magazine, Ezra Levant, and I will be their guest author from now on.

I should thank them for recognizing my humble blog and writings here at The Spirit Of Man. However, I will keep on posting here as well.

A simple weblog can take you where you wouldn't expect!

Oh, by the way these guys at Western Standard magazine are dealing with bunch of radical islamists & mullahs who sued them over the Muhammad Cartoons simply because Western Standard was the only North American publisher which had balls to publish these great toons in their paper.

And it is sad to see that Islamic terrorists abuse the "western created freedom" to shut down a nice magazine and intimidate the democratic values of a western society... I have fundemental problems with this sort of freedom in the west. These terrorists shouldn't be given any freedom to begin with! Ship them to Gitmo before they turn and blow up all of us altogther.

Any way, I am asking you to go to this link and donate money to the magazine since they need thousands of dollars to fight back. They do need our support and please donate any amount of money if you can. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

first of all congratulations! and good luck.

Second , you must visit this site: and read the comment section, it certainly has created quite a commotion among Iranian bloggers!

Anonymous said...

have seen Eli Lake article?

Winston said...

Yes, I heard about Eli Lake'spost in the Persian language media but those guys have no power and they are mysterious.

I can't say any thing about them because they act very weird.

Once they sound like good guys, the other day they sound like bad guys.

I am confused!


Thanks for the headsup though!

Chester said...

Congratulations on your invite to write on Shotgun blog.

I think Tahkim Vahdat started as a reformist group. I'm not quite sure how far from reformers they are now, but they sound as if they have abandoned the reform movement.
You're right, they are a strange group. I can't figure out where they stand now either.

Anonymous said...

Also, check out this blog and you must read the comments by the Mullah loving IRanians...

Zionist said...

Hi My Dear Friend

I'd be too happy if I know your idea about the plan I've described in my blog

Your posts are always great.

lida said...


Joseph Salomonsen said...


Well its high time western media start to use freedom loving and enlightened middel easterners for content. To western standard: Youve got youselves a fairminded Iranloving persian.

Bahar said...

I'm so happy for u and I wish all of the best things for u .
congratulation honey

Leap Frog said...


Way to go Winston!

Guess I'll be reading you there as well!